JTAG signal issue

I’m trying to debug one of the example program and the Pathfinder Console showed Error: “openOCD only supports Debug Module versions 2 (0.13) and 3 (0.14), not 0 (dmstatus=0x0). This error might be caused by a JTAG signal issue. Try reducing the JTAG clock speed.”
Where can I see the option of JTAG clock speed? Is it even required?

Hi @nishath, please give us more info about the type of project that you debug, and do you use an external JTAG adapter?

Hello @dongnh, I was running a sample program “RISCV Embedded project Hello World” and wanted to debug on Terasic DE2-115 FPGA board. And no external JTAG adapter is being used.
Here what I get while debugging.

Can you connect to a serial terminal to watch the output? If you can, I think you should be able to debug normally. That error is shown when you select “Run As RISC-V Application with Hardware”, you can ignore that.

In serial terminal as well the output is not generated. If I want to run my design on fpga board then I’m supposed to select “Run As RISC-V Application with Hardware” option. Let me know if I’m going wrong.

Due to this I’m unable to take it further. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?