Have a make error when create blinky project using QEMU and Custom Toolchain

Hello, I need some helps on solving the make error.

I used to refer the documentation, Intel Pathfinder for RISC - V User Guide which had been downloaded from the Intel Pathfinder for RISC - V, Resources web.

Firstly, I had followed the documentation guidance which I had created the FreeRTOS Project: RISC - V Blinky, and chosen the toolchain as RISC - V Custom Toolchains. Then, I had downloaded the xPack toolchain file which is xpack-riscv-none-embed-gcc-10.2.0-1.2-linux-arm64, and chosen it as the toolchain path for this blinky project. While the toolchain name is xPack GNU RISC-V Embedded GCC (riscv-none-embed-gcc).

After selecting all the toolchain, I built the project by clicking the build button on the pathfinder workspace. However, I get the make error which failed my project building.

Can I get any idea and help on how to solve this error. Did I miss any steps on building this blinky project?

Thank you.

Hi @thc,
I can see this error due to not finding the toolchain binary. You can try exporting the path of xPack toolchain (Ex: source PATH=$PATH:path/to/xPack/bin) and open Pathfinder from the terminal that xPack toolchain’s path is exported. Hope this information can help you!

Hi @dongnh,

I have moved the xPack toolchain file to the correct path. Thanks for the idea and really appreciate. Thank you.

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