Error: Unrecognized Opcode

Hello, I need some helps on solving the Error: Unrecognized Opcode.

I refer the documentation which is the User Guide from Intel Pathfinder for RISC - V.

In this project, I had created FreeRTOS Project RISC - V Blinky and chosen the toolchain as Intel Baremetal Toolchain for RISC - V. Then, I had made some settings on Tool Settings and Build Steps parts when creating the new C project.

After that, I applied these settings and build the created project. However, I got the Error: Unrecognized Opcode and it failed my project building.

What should I do or have I missed any important steps on doing this project?

These opcodes are from Atomic Instructions. To build successfully FreeRTOS projects, Atomic extension (RVA) is necessary.

Hi @dongnh,

Thanks a lot for the useful information and idea, really appreciate it. I am able to solve opcode problem now. Again, appreciate your help and thank you.