Cannot program FPGA device

Followed the user guide to try and flash the DE2-115 and got this:

*************** Intel FPGA board flash start ***************
Error (23025): Short option -c takes an argument. Refer to --help for legal arguments.


quartus_pgm [-h | --help[=<option|topic>] | -v]
quartus_pgm -c filname.cdf — If you want to use cdf file
quartus_pgm -c -m -o [-o …] — If you want to use individual programming file(s)
quartus_pgm -l — to display the list of available hardware
quartus_pgm -c -a — to display the list of devices connected to the cable.

This means that the Quartus JTAG server is having issue. You need to restart it by launching a local terminal (from the Pathfinder IDE). Within the local terminal, type:

% killall jtagd
% jtagd --user-start
% jtagconfig

You should see your target board showing up in the JTAG scan chain and